Patient Engagement


“Patient Engagement” is not enough

c2b solutions’ psychographic segmentation model and healthcare consumer insights go beyond patient engagement to motivate desired patient behaviors across clinical and marketing applications.

Use the methods of the leading consumer products companies and retailers to enhance your efforts where patient behavior change is critical to success. Our proven capabilities have improved outcomes, lowered costs and increased patient satisfaction.


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The c2b Consumer Classifier

c2b solutions has identified five types of health care consumers (psychographic segments) based on their motivations, communication preferences and approach to health & wellness. 

Which type of health care consumer are you? Answer a few simple questions to find out.

Consumer ACAlogy:

How to Succeed in a Health Care Reform Environment

In it we cover:

  • The barriers to success on the exchanges
  • How consumers evaluate insurers
  • The challenges posed by a lack of consumer health literacy

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