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Unlocking the potential of your business through consumer understanding

  • Whom should we target with limited marketing resources?
  • How do we most effectively reach consumers?
  • How do we get consumers to choose our service?
  • What are the keys to keeping our patients loyal?
  • What can we do to improve medication adherence?
  • How do we motivate patients to adopt healthy behaviors?

The answers to these critical questions require deep consumer insights, which is precisely what c2b solutions offers to our clients.

c2b solutions works closely with health care organizations on patient engagement strategies using deep consumer insights to help them succeed in a Health Care Reform environment.

With over 75 years of experience leading marketing and sales teams and applying consumer insights to drive business growth in P&G’s health care division, the consumer experts of c2b solutions can help unlock the potential of your business through consumer understanding.

c2b solutions conducts extensive market research on the needs, wants, attitudes and motivations of health care consumers and has developed a psychographic segmentation model that is 91.1% predictive of consumer behavior. These insights will empower health care organizations to develop consumer-preferred products and services and maximize its communications (marketing, education) tailored to specific patient types.



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