Addtional Applications Of Healthcare Market Research

Additional Applications of c2b’s Healthcare Consumer Insights

Insights and Guidance for the WHO, WHY, WHAT and HOW of the Healthcare Consumer

c2b solutions' healthcare market research and psychographic segmentation model include insights and guidance to positively influence consumer behavior and enhance your strategies. The following examples illustrate how these assets can be applied:

The Template


WHO     Identifying consumer segments in how they approach their health and wellness in a Healthcare Reform environment
WHY     Understanding the deep-seated, often unarticulated motivations behind consumer behavior
WHAT     Developing segment-specific propositions, messaging and products to influence healthcare consumer behavior
HOW      Reaching the healthcare consumer with the most effective media vehicles and channels


A managed care organization supports top rated cardiovascular care, and wants new members/patients

WHO     Consumers with cardiovascular conditions (high blood pressure or heart disease or high cholesterol)
WHY     Identify the top health insurance company attributes sought by members with cardiovascular conditions
WHAT     Based on insights from c2b solutions healthcare market research, develop services and messaging to attract them to the plan
HOW     Identify the top websites visited by consumers with cardiovascular disease to connect with them


An Accountable Care Organization (ACO) wants to improve the health of Medicaid patients, and seeks to attract them to the organization

WHO     Age 18-64, who currently have Medicaid; Segment 2 “Willful Endurers” are overrepresented in Medicaid
WHY     Develop a profile of the target patient’s motivations and attitudes based on c2b solutions healthcare market research and insights
WHAT     Develop target patient engagement messaging for ACO’s healthcare providers and advertising based on Segment 2 “Willful Endurer” insights
HOW     Identify how to connect with them (internet, print, personal outreach?)


A retailer wants to offer the health products and services that keep its highest spending shoppers in store

WHO     Determine the store’s current shopper segment mix and which are spending the most on health & wellness products
WHY     Determine the retailers where shoppers spend the most on OTC and Personal Care products and determine the attributes driving this behavior using c2b solutions research
WHAT     Develop segment-specific offers and in-store experience that will drive target shopper satisfaction
HOW     Overlay c2b solutions psychographic segmentation model on retailer’s shopper data to identify proactive, wellness-oriented shoppers


A health insurance company wants its most profitable members to see the value in renewing their membership

WHO     Segment 4 “Self Achievers” are health conscious, proactive and engaged in preventative behaviors
WHY     Identify the top attributes Segment 4 “Self Achievers” desire from a health plan from the c2b solutions market research
WHAT     Create segment-specific member engagement touting the most desired attributes of the health plan, using segment-specific messaging and language
HOW     Leverage Segment 4 “Self Achiever” preferred media and education vehicles to maximize influence and advocacy


A pharmaceutical manufacturer wants to improve medication compliance among patients

WHO     The pharma company wants to arm healthcare providers with ways to influence the behavior of all patient types to maximize health outcomes
WHY     Understand the motivations and behavior change levers for each of the 5 c2b solutions Consumer Segments
WHAT     Develop communications and program components that motivate compliance behavior across the segments
the benefits of compliance from both doctors and pharmacists
-tailor our approaches as professionals (directive vs. suggestive) to specific segment types
HOW     Develop tools, resources, and education for healthcare professionals (physicians, nurses, pharmacists, etc.) to effectively engage patients in improving compliance


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