The Psychographic Segments: Balance Seekers



Balance Seekers are generally proactive in their health and are wellness-oriented. Balance Seekers are open to many ideas, sources of information, and treatment options when it comes to their healthcare.

However, Balance Seekers themselves – not healthcare professionals -- define what success looks like in their health. Physicians and other healthcare professionals are useful resources, but not the only resources, for leading a healthy life.



Statements with which Balance Seekers are statistically (95% confidence) more likely to agree relative to all other psychographic segments:

  • “I like to take care of myself and don’t like going to the doctor unless I’m really sick.”
  • “Physicians are just one resource for me; I consider many sources when managing my health & wellbeing.”

And Balance Seekers are statistically the least likely to agree with this statement:

  • “My doctor is the most credible authority for my health & wellness needs..”


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Keys to Engagement

    • Offer choices, options
    • Provide data, reasons and the “why” behind a recommendation
    • Give interesting and unique information/education












Comparisons of email communications with versions customized for each Psychographic Segment to illustrate segment-specific language: