Best Practices Example

Best Practices Using c2b solutions Data

A Brief Guide to Using c2b solutions Data Effectively

The following provides a step-by-step example of using c2b solutions healthcare consumer insights, data and consumer segmentation model to improve your business:

1. Define what you are trying to achieve
  • Acquisition (new patients/members)
  • Loyalty (keep patients/members)
  • Behavior change (improve compliance, get patients to exercise, etc.)
2. Determine your consumer target(s)
The following are c2b solutions’ psychographic consumer segments, and the percentage of the general population they represent. Each segment has its own attitudes, motivations, behaviors and messaging preferences regarding health and wellness. Understanding these segments through the c2b Consumer Diagnostic and c2b Insights Accelerator will help you determine WHO to target for acquisition, loyalty and/or behavior change.

  • Segment 1:  Balance Seekers (18%)
  • Segment 2:  Willful Endurers (27%)
  • Segment 3:  Priority Jugglers (18%)
  • Segment 4:  Self Achievers (24%)
  • Segment 5:  Direction Takers (13%)


There are two approaches you can take in messaging a population, depending on your strategies and resources:

  • Prime Prospect: Across many industries, the Pareto Rule holds where a small portion of the population drives a disproportionate share of business. Choose a Prime Prospect segment and focus resources against them.  Let the rest of the population “draft” behind them through the halo effect. Use c2b solutions healthcare consumer insights to maximize your success.
  • All Consumers: This can be resource intensive, since people are motivated by different things and respond differently to messaging.  However, a healthcare organization is in a unique position in having to drive behavior change across patient/member types. Thus, you can classify all members of a population and interact with them according to their segment. c2b solutions can help you achieve this in a variety of ways consistent with your strategies.
3. Set the focus of your message
  • Clinical improvement/medical outcomes
  • Acquisition and/or retention
  • Patient Satisfaction
4. Create your consumer message
  • Base this on the strategy, the segment, and the insights about the segment you queried from c2b solutions market research
5. Disseminate your message
  • Use c2b solutions market research to identify the most effective media and education vehicles to influence your target healthcare consumers
    • Compliance programs (Pharmacy)
    • Medical contact (Physicians, Nurses)
    • Wellness programs, case management (Quality Department)
    • Advertising campaign (Marketing Department)


Click here for an example of applying this process. 

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