c2b Consumer Classifier

Your Ability to Classify Health Care Consumers

 Clients of c2b solutions may classify their own consumer population (patients/members/shoppers) according to the five c2b Psychographic Segments by employing the c2b Consumer Classifier.

By answering 12 simple questions, consumers can be classified into one of the five c2b Psychographic Segments. To see how this works, take the c2b Consumer Classifier yourself.

c2b Consumer Classifier 

Each c2b Psychographic Segment has its own motivations and communication preferences, from which c2b solutions has developed tools and resources for clients to use in driving positive consumer behavior change.

c2b solutions will “white label” the c2b Consumer Classifier and work with clients to incorporate it into their own systems. This can be as simple as sending a survey to a population of consumers for batch classification, or integrating the c2b Consumer Classifier into a client’s own website, much like we have on our own home page.

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