c2b Customer Advisor

c2b Customer Advisor

Sales Performance and Organizational Capability

Business to Business selling is becoming more challenging as the healthcare marketplace becomes more commoditized. Where purely transactional engagements may have worked in the past, differentiating your offering to your customers, or clients, on a basis beyond product features or the lowest price is critical. This takes a higher order of organizational capability, from the skills among your Sales and Account Management personnel, to the systems and processes that support them, and c2b solutions will help you develop superior Account Management capabilities to secure the Customer for your business.

Performance Capability

Your Account Management and Sales teams face an increasingly competitive landscape where top line growth has been slowing among customers and the bottom line is driving most of their decisions. How do you succeed in a marketplace that is becoming ever more commoditized?

c2b solutions' healthcare market research can strengthen your organization’s customer engagements by addressing your customers’ strategic needs and elevating your proposition such that your customers prioritize your products and services. Through proven capabilities and skills training, c2b solutions will enable your Account Management and Sales teams to access the customer stakeholders responsible for the success (or slump) of your business and effectively engage them to position of your offering at a competitive advantage.

Customer Partnership & Access

c2b solutions will enable your Account Management and Sales teams to access and effectively engage the customer stakeholders responsible for the success of your business.

Field Force Effectiveness

Improve your external sales organizations’ selling skills and capabilities by leveraging c2b solutions’ expertise in sales force structure and skills development. 


Organizational Capability

Sales and Account Management teams are only as good as the systems supporting them. Without a strong organization and processes to guide these teams, field excellence and selling success will be limited. c2b solutions has significant experience training and advising Sales Management in winning strategies and developing the capabilities and support systems to ensure success.

Organizational Structure and Design
c2b solutions can work with you to ensure your organization is effectively leveraging an optimal Competency Model and Compensation/Rewards System.

Strategic Planning
With extensive experience leading organizations and developing succinct, easily understood strategic plans, c2b solutions will work with you to develop or strengthen your own strategies. Importantly, c2b solutions can help you communicate these strategies throughout your organization to ensure internal awareness, understanding and advocacy of your strategic plans.


Market/Customer Insights
c2b solutions can gauge, benchmark and measure whether your people, your services or your brand offering is differentiating and meaningful to your customers.


Leadership Development
c2b solutions can help your organization develop critical leadership skills.  The experts at c2b solutions have led high performance organizations, teaching personnel to lead versus manage their teams and businesses, and groomed succession candidates to improve upon previous results.


Organizational Change Management
c2b solutions can help your organization manage change productively by minimizing organizational disruption, driving role clarity and cultivating employee advocacy for your strategies.

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