Consulting the c2b Advisor

Consumer to Business and Customer to Business

The c2b Advisor provides the support of c2b solutions experts and proven alliance partners to perform client assessment, and to apply the c2b Consumer Diagnostic and c2b Insights Accelerator to client strategy, marketing and sales efforts. There are two aspects to the c2b Advisor:

Consumer to Business:

c2b solutions will help you succeed with healthcare consumers (patients, members, shoppers) by leveraging our extensive market research insights and proprietary psychographic segmentation model to drive:


  • Acquisition

  • Loyalty

  • Behavior Change (e.g., improved medication compliance)


c2b Advisor

“Consumer to Business” is a model in which consumers bring value to a business. With the growth of consumerism in healthcare, a business that effectively leverages consumer insights, addressing deep-seated— often unarticulated — motivation, will rise above the status quo. c2b solutions will bring the Consumer to your Business.

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Customer to Business:

c2b solutions will help you develop superior Account Management capabilities, as your customer, or client, is often the intermediary between you and the consumer. For a health insurance company or hospital/ACO, this may be an employer; for a pharmaceutical manufacturer, this may be a health insurance company, a hospital, or a retail pharmacy.

Engaging an institution takes a higher degree of consultative selling skills, engaging C-Suite (and other stakeholders) in a strategic and synergistic approach. c2b solutions will help you develop superior Account Management capabilities, as our advisors have extensive consulting experience helping our clients bring the Customers to their Business.


c2b Advisor

Business to Business selling is becoming more challenging as the healthcare marketplace becomes more commoditized. Where purely transactional engagements may have worked in the past, differentiating your offering to your customers, or clients, on a basis beyond product features or the lowest price is critical. This takes a higher order of organizational capability, from the skills among your Sales and Account Management personnel to the systems and processes that support them, and c2b solutions will help you develop superior Account Management capabilities to secure the Customer for your Business.

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