c2b Consumer Diagnostic

c2b Consumer Diagnostic

A Comprehensive Study of the U.S. Health Care Consumer

The data contained in the c2b Consumer Diagnostic is critical for all health care organizations seeking to meet the needs of their consumers. Beneficiaries of this data include stakeholders across all channels of health care delivery...

Tommy G. Thompson, Former Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (from the Foreword to the c2b Consumer Diagnostic: Reference Manual of the U.S. Healthcare Consumer )

The c2b Consumer Diagnostic is our annual study measuring U.S. consumers’ health and wellness attitudes, behaviors, influences and motivations in a changing Health Care Reform environment. It is through this consumer lens that your organization can develop winning strategies to:

  • ACQUIRE new consumers
  • RETAIN loyal consumers
  • ACTIVATE patient behavior change


The latest study was fielded in January 2015 among 4,039 respondents mirroring the U.S. Census. The depth and breadth of this research yielded more than 50 million data points on the U.S. health care consumer. This builds upon our first national study in 2013 to begin providing trend analysis and an evolution in consumer attitudes and behaviors.

Influencing the Health Care Consumer

The c2b Consumer Diagnostic Unlocks the Factors that Drive Consumer Health Behaviors

Consumers are surrounded by many factors that influence their health & wellness attitudes and behaviors. These factors are channeled through a personal lens based on years of experience and conditioning.

Understanding how these factors affect consumers is the key to affecting positive behavior change.

Scroll over the bubbles below for a sample of the types of data found in the c2b Consumer Diagnostic:

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Segmentation and the
Health Care Consumer


Brent Walker, Casey Albertson and Rob Freeberg

Healthcare Professionals
Insurance Companies
Federal and State Regulations
Health Associations
Family and Friends


You can define the type of health care consumer to analyze based on any variable in the study and get the data on that consumer type’s attitudes, behaviors and preferences. For example:

  • Where patients with diabetes, ages 35-54, purchase prescriptions
  • Top health & fitness apps used by Millennials
  • Most desired health insurance company attributes among the uninsured
  • Information sources that most influence Hispanic patient choice of hospital
  • The optimal message mix for each c2b Psychographic Segment


Data from the c2b Consumer Diagnostic are available in several formats, depending on our clients’ needs. Click here for a listing of these formats:

  • Data can be transferred in a format consistent with our clients’ Business Analytics tools (e.g., ASCII, comma limited, etc.)
  • The c2b Insights Accelerator, an interactive, analytics dashboard allowing you custom queries of the market research data.
  • A 625 page reference manual with chapters on the general population, the c2b Psychographic Segments, and the following health conditions:
    • Cancer
    • Cardiovascular
    • Depression or Anxiety
    • Diabetes
    • Overweight/Obesity

This publication is an interactive pdf, allowing you to easily navigate more than 700 charts, graphs, and tables of data with accompanying analysis. Click here for more information.

  • 100+ slide Powerpoint decks on the health conditions outlined above. Click here for more information.


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