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Insights and Application from c2b solutions Consumer Research

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Psychographic Segmentation and the Healthcare Consumer

  • Motivating consumer behavior change by appealing to the personalities of different patient types
  • Methodology behind c2b solutions’ proprietary psychographic segmentation model (patent pending)
  • Case studies where application of psychographic segmentation solved problems for various healthcare businesses

Analysis of Consumers with Diabetes

  • Extensive sample of market research data on patients with diabetes from the c2b Consumer Diagnostic, a study of the U.S. healthcare consumer
  • A detailed profile of the health and wellness attitudes and behaviors of consumers with diabetes
  • How consumers with diabetes interact with the healthcare system

The Truth About Patient Engagement and Activation

  • Patient engagement versus patient activation
  • Activating patients based on their psychographic motivations and preferences
  • Measuring patient activation

Healthcare Consumerism in Action: Millennials and the New Healthcare Climate

  • Defining health characteristics of the Millennial generation
  • Psychographic differences within the Millennial generation
  • The role of mHealth among Millennials

Understanding Boomers: A Disruptive Force in American Healthcare

  • The chronic health problems facing longer-living Boomers
  • The psychographic differences among Baby Boomers
  • How to provide support for the sandwich generation

What Data-Savvy Businesses Can Teach the Healthcare Industry About Success with Consumers

  • What healthcare businesses need to understand about how data-driven strategy operates in a real-world, retail setting.
  • The data (and the information contained therein) hospitals are collecting or have access to.
  • How data-driven healthcare strategies are already empowering pioneering organizations with actionable insights.
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