c2b Consumer Advisor

c2b Consumer Advisor

Consumer to Business

“Consumer to Business” is a model in which consumers bring value to a business, and with the growth of consumerism in healthcare, a business that effectively leverages consumer insights to address deep-seated— often unarticulated— motivation will rise above the status quo. c2b solutions will bring the Consumer to your Business.

Based on many years of market research experience and proven application of consumer insights with P&G Healthcare, the partners of c2b solutions have developed a healthcare consumer segmentation model (based on psychographic, demographic and behavioral characteristics) and supplemental market research to predict health and wellness behaviors across patient populations. This model will help healthcare organizations develop products and services and maximize communications (education, marketing) tailored to specific patient types.

Because Health Care Reform (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or ACA) has different regulations and offers rolling out annually though 2018 and beyond, c2b solutions will update its consumer insights through ongoing, commercially available market research initiatives. This will allow healthcare organizations to pursue effective strategies by understanding and anticipating the needs of their patients/consumers according to their level of ACA understanding and evolving health and wellness behaviors.

Healthcare Marketing Enhancement

c2b solutions can enable your marketing efforts through the application of over 50 years of P&G marketing, consumer insights, and customer experience. In addition to helping you apply c2b Consumer Diagnostic insights to your strategies and tactics, c2b solutions offers general marketing consultation services such as (but not limited to):
  • Developing a Brand Equity Framework to guide consistency in all communications and consumer/customer touchpoints
  • Marketing strategy enhancement
  • Copy/communications improvement
  • Prime Prospect consumer definition
  • Market research study development and guidance
  • Guidance on succeeding in a Retail environment
  • Team or 1:1 training on Marketing fundamentals

Consumerizing your Business with these powerful consumer insights can pay big dividends:

Differentiate your product/service among healthcare consumers by linking your brand proposition to their unique, segment-specific motivations.

  • Develop effective B2C strategies and campaigns to increase the likelihood that consumers will take action against your marketing messages.
  • Strengthen your current segmentation models by supplementing— not replacing— your approach with proprietary c2b solutions insights and methodologies.
  • Effectively deliver an improved consumer experience against your success measures and requirements.
  • Differentiate your company and portfolio among customers/clients by helping them succeed in a rapidly changing healthcare environment driven by consumerism, as a value-added service.
  • Drive desired consumer health and wellness behaviors
    and maximize the success of:
    • Disease management and intervention
    • Medication Compliance & Persistency
    • Wellness programs

These insights are offered in a variety of products & services:


The definitive reference manual on the U.S. healthcare consumer. Insights and data from market research on consumer motivations, behaviors and needs regarding health & wellness under a changing Health Care Reform environment.Learn More

An interactive database of ongoing c2b solutions market research with over 15 million points of data on the U.S. healthcare consumer for detailed inquiries and customized analysis.

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This comprehensive, 91 slide presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint) provides an in-depth look at the needs, attitudes and behaviors of consumers with cancer. 

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This comprehensive, 91 slide presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint) provides an in-depth look at the needs, attitudes and behaviors of consumers with cardiovascular conditions.

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<p">This comprehensive, 92 slide presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint) provides an in-depth look at the needs, attitudes and behaviors of consumers with diabetes. 


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c2b solutions Consumer Advisors will accelerate your business through their proven consumer insights, segmentation, and marketing expertise.Learn More

c2b solutions Customer Advisors will leverage their proven Account Management expertise and healthcare consumer insights to improve your Business-to-Business capabilities. Learn More