Hospitals & ACOs

Patients face a litany of complex, confusing and often incomprehensible health messages each day. Lack of understanding can cause patients to misinterpret important instructions or ignore medical advice altogether, ultimately undermining their own health despite the best efforts of care providers. This also impacts on organization’s ability to close Care Gaps and deliver against patient satisfaction measures that are critical in a Pay for Performance environment. Moreover, in a highly competitive, consumer-driven environment, hospitals and other healthcare organizations need to market themselves effectively to become patients’ provider of choice.

Hospitals & ACOs 
c2b solutions has the expertise and market research insights to help a hospital or health system positively affect patient behavior:

  • Differentiate your hospital among consumers (and payers) in a commoditized marketplace by linking your brand proposition to their unique, segment-specific motivations.
  • Access deep, proprietary patient insights to develop effective B2C strategies and marketing campaigns.
  • Effectively deliver against consumer experience measures in ACO reimbursement requirements
  • Leverage cutting edge, psychographic consumer segmentation to maximize your patient engagement efforts.  If you are already pursuing consumer segmentation, strengthen your current models by supplementing your approach with proprietary c2b solutions insights and methodologies.
  • Drive desired patient health & wellness behaviors by leveraging proprietary c2b solutions consumer insights behind consumer motivations, to potentially maximize health outcomes and reduce readmittance.
  • Enable health care providers to identify and address specific patient segments to maximize the effectiveness of care


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