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Agencies must help their clients differentiate themselves to win in a competitive marketplace. Whether the client is a health insurance plan seeking to grow on the Exchanges, a hospital trying to attract patients in the community, or a pharmaceutical company competing with generics or other “me too” options, that client relies on its agency to succeed. In this increasingly consumer-driven environment, an agency must have a deep understanding of the target consumer’s attitudes, values and motivations in order to develop effective campaigns or consumer engagement tactics. Driving health care consumer behavior change requires insights that go beyond focus groups or limited surveys.


c2b solutions has the expertise and proprietary market research insights to power agencies’ consumer engagement efforts:

  • Access deep, proprietary consumer insights to develop effective marketing campaigns
  • Leverage cutting edge, psychographic consumer segmentation to maximize your clients’ consumer engagement efforts.  Link your clients’ brand proposition to consumers’ unique, segment-specific motivations.
  • Understand consumer segment-specific preferences regarding word choice, design, and media vehicles to optimize campaign execution.


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