Pharmaceuticals Manufacturers

Today, it is more challenging than ever to market a brand name prescription medication. Reducing costs is a primary objective for Pharma’s health care provider customers, and consumers are more willing to accept generic alternatives as costs are shifted to them under the banner of consumerism. Moreover, medication adherence is still a woeful 50% across health conditions, so pharmaceuticals manufacturers are leaving half their business on the table. A successful product management team needs deep consumer insights to develop the strategies and initiatives that will maximize patient engagement and drive desired behavior change, whether through marketing or disease management programs.

Pharmaceuticals Manufacturers 

c2b solutions has the expertise and market research insights to help a pharmaceutical company positively affect consumer behavior:

  • Differentiate your brands among consumers by linking your brand proposition to their unique, segment-specific motivations.
  • Increase the likelihood that consumers will take action against your marketing messages.
  • Leverage cutting edge, psychographic consumer segmentation to maximize your consumer engagement efforts.  If you are already pursuing consumer segmentation, strengthen your current models by supplementing your approach with proprietary c2b solutions insights and methodologies.
  • Maximize the effectiveness of your Sales and Account Management teams through enhanced, strategic selling methods
  • Differentiate your company and portfolio by offering a breakthrough value-added service that will meet the pressing needs of customers in the new healthcare environment.
  • Leverage an approach that was proven to drive a small pharmaceuticals company into a Top 5 strategic resource for Managed Care companies.
  • Help your customers succeed in a rapidly changing healthcare environment driven by consumerism.
  • Maximize the success of:
    • Disease management and intervention
    • Medication Compliance & Persistency


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