Retailers have a tremendous opportunity to meet the health care needs of millions of shoppers affected by the Affordable Care Act. Retailers are in a unique position to offer comprehensive health solutions through products (e.g., medicines, nutrition, fitness) and services (in-store clinics) to support healthy behaviors and meet increased demand for care as the supply of physicians is tightened. Moreover, retailers have a wealth of shopper data to track and measure behavior change. However, this information tells WHAT shoppers are purchasing, not WHY they are purchasing it.


c2b solutions has the expertise and market research insights to complement a retailer’s shopper data and help it positively affect shopper behavior:

  • Differentiate your store, pharmacy, and health-related products and services among shoppers in a commoditized marketplace by linking your proposition to their unique, segment-specific motivations.
  • Access deep, proprietary shopper insights to develop effective marketing strategies, campaigns, and in-store promotion.
  • Leverage cutting edge, psychographic shopper segmentation to maximize your shopper engagement efforts.  If you are already pursuing shopper segmentation, strengthen your current models by supplementing your approach with proprietary c2b solutions insights and methodologies.
  • Connect your front-end OTC and Personal Health Care offerings to your back-end Pharmacy services to drive a more complete approach to shopper health outcomes.
  • Enable pharmacists and support staff to identify and address specific shopper segments to maximize the effectiveness of care


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