c2b Insights Accelerator

Unlock the Power of c2b solutions Market Research

The c2b Insights Accelerator is an interactive, analytics dashboard that houses the ongoing health care consumer market research data from the c2b Consumer Diagnostic studies. The c2b Insights Accelerator empowers you to conduct highly specific, customized data queries of more than 50 million data points for each study on the U.S. health care consumer.

Based on the QlikView® software platform, the c2b Insights Accelerator is intuitive and easy to use, and will significantly enhance your health care consumer strategies, marketing and education with valuable insights.

Play this video for a brief overview of the c2b Insights Accelerator based on the QlikView® software platform:

If you would like to use your own organization’s Business Analytics software instead of the QlikView® platform, no problem! Data from the market research can be transferred in a format consistent with our clients’ Business Analytics tools (e.g., ASCII, comma limited, Excel, etc.)

What would you like to know about health care consumers?

Your ability to answer critical questions about health care consumers is now limited only by your imagination. For a list of questions that can be answered through the c2b Insights Accelerator, click here:

Example Questions

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