Insights Accelerator Example Questions

  1. What are the top websites visited by consumers with cardiovascular conditions (high blood pressure or coronary heart disease or high cholesterol) and are members of [Health Insurance Company X]?
  2. What are the top influencers (people or media) for women, age 35-54, with depression or anxiety, to develop the most effective intervention programs?
  3. What are the top attributes of a health insurance plan sought by patients, age 18-64, who currently have Medicaid?
  4. What is the desired relationship each of five c2b psychographic segments wants to have with physicians and pharmacists to tailor approaches as professionals (directive vs. suggestive) to specific patient types, maximizing patient compliance?
  5. Where do cancer patients over age 65 (Medicare patients) usually shop for Vitamins/Minerals/Supplements so we can provide a value-added discount at that/those retailer(s) as an incentive for healthy behaviors?
  6. Where does the c2b psychographic segment #3 usually fill their prescription medicines so we can develop targeted in-store programs to suit their needs?
  7. What is the profile of consumers who are most likely to sue a doctor or hospital, so their needs can be better met through an enhanced experience?
  8. What are the most effective media vehicles for advertising to patients on a specific prescription medicine?
  9. How do we best reach and message consumers who prefer branded prescription medicines?
  10. Among which shoppers in a retail store is there an opportunity to lift market share of filled prescriptions to match the retailer’s share of OTC purchases?
  11. What are the top 10 health issues among consumers in the Northeast, in order to develop the highest priority disease management programs?
  12. What is the distribution of c2b psychographic segments in a given health insurance plan?
  13. What are the advertising messages that should be developed based on the health and wellness attitudes of mothers who are caring for a child with significant health needs?
  14. Who are the most and least supportive consumers of Health Care Reform, so these attitudes can be leveraged in advertising (i.e., depending on the Prime Prospect target audience, should a product/service be positioned as a solution that is consistent with, or a counter to, Health Care Reform?)
  15. What’s a health insurance pricing strategy for highly educated, higher income consumers?
  16. Who are the consumer chat leaders who should be cultivated as “ambassadors” for a product/company to influence other consumers?
  17. Who is the consumer that is best to target with messaging for a retailer’s in-store clinic?
  18. What is the profile of consumers who prioritize their appearance as a component of well-being (look good/feel good)?
  19. What advertising messages might work with c2b’s psychographic segment #2, based on their attitudes on health & wellness?
  20. What is the consumer profile of those who prioritize emotional health for targeting and product/service development.
  21. Who might respond best to “cause marketing” (i.e., company doing things to benefit society or a cause)
  22. What will be the impact of a significant change in a product/service offering on specific consumer types?
  23. Among patients with significant comorbidities (e.g., high blood pressure + Type II diabetes + depression), what are the most effective touchpoints and media vehicles to influence their behaviors?
  24. How does one reach consumers who do not engage the health care system? (for example, a health insurance plan wants to connect with and attract low health system utilizers i.e., consumers who don’t cost a lot in health care)
  25. What consumer types are most likely to switch health insurance plans next year?
  26. How do we most effectively influence shoppers of high-end organic foods grocers who spend a lot of money on quality, health-oriented foods (i.e., high margin items) to switch to a different retailer? Who are these consumers and what are their health and wellness attitudes to develop targeted marketing messages?

The possibilities extend far beyond “Z”… what would you like to know about the health care consumer as YOU define him or her? The c2b Insights Accelerator gives you the ability to unlock these answers.

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