Targeted Marketing Models

The following data products represent propensity models that can be applied to a population; that is, each data product identifies the likelihood that an individual consumer within a defined population will behave in a certain way. This allows for efficiency in targeting and estimating marketing/medical resource needs.


Product/Propensity Model


Rx – Adherence - Maintenance

Likelihood (or not) to be adherent to prescription medications

Rx – Adherence – Supplement

Frequency of taking Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements

Rx – Brand Preference

Whether the consumer prefers a brand name prescription or a generic, or no preference

Rx – Maintenance Meds

Whether the consumer is taking an ongoing prescription for a chronic condition

Rx – Reason for Non-Compliance

Top reasons consumer is non-compliant to prescription

Rx – Number of Prescriptions/Drugs

The number of prescriptions a consumer is taking

Rx – Purchase Channel

In which channels (Drug, Food, Mass, Mail Order) does consumer fill prescriptions

Rx – Share of Wallet - Prescriptions

Market share among top Retailers where consumer fills prescriptions

Rx – Supplement Usage

Whether consumer uses Vitamins, Minerals, and Supplements to specifically treat a health condition

Media – Influenced Online by Bought Media

Whether the consumer has been influenced by (or is open to receiving information via) paid online advertising for health insurance

Media – Individual’s Top Media Influencer

Top media/information sources that influence the consumer’s choice of health insurance

Media - Influencers

Whether the consumer is a peer influencer/chat-leader (viral marketing target)

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