Leslie Burford

Client Director - c2b solutions


Leslie thrives on improvement and sees the c2b suite of products as the key to advancing clinical outcomes through patient communication.

A champion of the provider, she has worked in the acute care setting, long-term care environment and primary care arena always contemplating “what small changes can yield big results?” She found it with c2b. Now she is focused on implementing c2b’s insights into patient care and communication. 


Throughout her 23-year healthcare career Leslie has accomplished:

  • Reaching 55,000 women chat leaders with health messaging for pharmaceutical brands, medical device manufacturers and global skin care brands.
  • Negotiating managed care contracts on both payers and providers.
  • Leading the sales and implementation of concierge physician practices.
  • Conducting health education conferences for thousands of women each weekend across the US.
  • Leading multi-disciplinary teams to implement payment systems for national provider networks.
She earned a Master’s Degree in Health Systems Management from Xavier University.


Contact Leslie via email: leslie@c2bsolutions.com

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