Lori Worthington

Client Director - c2b solutions

Lori WorthingtonAs an authorized Client Director for c2b solutions, Lori’s core responsibilities include representing all c2b solutions products including c2b Consumer Diagnostic and c2b Insights Accelerator. Additionally, Lori provides consulting services, including strategic planning and leadership, product development, communication campaigns and training.
With expertise in employee benefits, payor and provider systems, Lori is uniquely positioned to help organizations successfully reach and motivate healthcare consumers (employees, members, patients, caregivers). Her more than 24 years experience spans a full spectrum of healthcare segments delivering coverage or services as well as addressing HIPAA Compliance, Health Improvement (wellness) and Health Reform. Lori’s experience includes:
  • Strategic development and deployment of business objectives including leadership development, corporate partnerships, technical solutions and operational processes for a national employee benefits resource group. Developed and directed project management office team to ensure successful delivery of these efforts.
  • Communications planning and campaign element development reaching both internal and external audiences, including local, regional, national and global marketplace messaging.
  • Educational event development and delivery, including industry networking events as well as event sponsorship and fundraising strategies. Events included short seminars and workshops as well as multi-day events offering numerous educational tracks and fitting keynote presentations.
  • Payor product and network development, including product design installation, network compensation negotiations, contracting, cost management strategies, marketplace and consumer communications.
  • A Consumer education resource developer, contributing writer, editor and trainer.
  • Leadership development mentor, peer coach, workshop leader and speaker.

Throughout her career, Lori has been known as a “go-to” resource to get things done and develop thorough, integrated, creative approaches that solve complex business challenges. She has a proven track record that includes development of alternative revenue streams and consistently achieving business objectives.
Lori graduated with honors from Drury University earning a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Communication and a Bachelor of Science in Communication.

Contact Lori Worthington via email: lori@rightangleadvisors.com

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