The Psychographic Segments: Willful Endurers



Willful Endurers live in the “here and now” and believe there are more important things to focus on than improving their health for the future.

Willful Endurers are not necessarily unhealthy, but they do what they like, when they like, and are less likely to change their habits. They are self-reliant and can withstand anything life throws at them, going to the doctor only when they absolutely must.


Statements with which Willful Endurers are statistically (95% confidence) more likely to agree relative to all other psychographic segments:

      • “I don’t want to give up the things I enjoy; I may over-indulge in unhealthy habits (e.g., eating, alcohol, smoking), but I enjoy these habits.”
      • “I know what I should be doing to be healthy, but I don’t make my health a priority.”
      • “I consider myself a ‘couch potato.’”


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Keys to Engagement

    • Tell/show how they will benefit from recommendations today
    • Get the commitment to the first step versus a whole care plan
    • Validate their efforts to-date











Comparisons of email communications with versions customized for each Psychographic Segment to illustrate segment-specific language: